Frequently Asked Questions

The idea is that you can compare and inspect countries on the consequences of climate change, based on certain filters (year, CO2 emissions). Next to that, you can see which hazards are likely within a country, measure investment risks, see relevant business information and for some countries, find extra information on vulnerabilities within that country.

You will be able to connect with like-minded individuals from all over the globe! That can be scientists, companies, students or just people that are concerned with our environment. The goal is to become a place where people can connect, spread ideas and start initiatives. ✨

To give a quick overview of changing climates in different countries across the globe. This makes the complex problem of climate change a bit more clear. Ultimately, I hope it stimulates initiatives on combatting the climate crisis.

The data comes from different sources. I used scientific papers that are published in the past few years. The direct sources of these papers can be found in the methodology. In addition we use public data sets and public APIs developed by the WHO and World Bank for example. Unfortunately, we will not make a public API out of HHWIG, as the data that we use is licensed which we can not re-distribute. Also, similar websites have had bad experiences with creating public APIs. (see Nomadlist)

That those countries have low adaptation costs and mortality costs related to the extremely hot days. In fact, their land will become more habitable in the future. Still, these are my assumptions, as I questioned this myself too. Check the methodology if you want to dive deeper into the scientific research papers for a more accurate explanation (Carleton et al. (2020).

Right now I tried to make it clear by stating the months. Soon I'll change this to something more clear, thanks for noticing!.

Help is much appreciated. If you have any feedback for the website, join the Discord server and we can get in touch. At the moment I am looking for a dataset/API which shows rising temperatures of large cities instead of countries.

Yes! Please make sure to mention "How Hot Will It Get" in its full name and drop a link to the website. Cheers!

Visit the promotions page at "" and submit your ad. You don't need to contact anybody. I will check whether you are subscribed to the paid plan and if the ad is valid, thereafter it will be shown on the website as long as you are subscribed.

All data will stay up-to-date with the latest predictions by researchers from the IPCC.

To make sure that people can get more value from this website, the community is created.

If the costs of running the website and the community rise, we have to think of a different pricing model. If every new user ultimately will cost us money, and the website is really taking off, we ultimately should shut down the website. That is why it can be possible that the community will be a paid service in the future. At least for now, all users can enter for free.

It is written in the JAMstack, using React/NextJS with Material UI for the front end and Hasura/PostgreSQL for the back-end. Besides that using different APIs, such as Stripe and Formspree. For authentication, I use Firebase Auth. For analytics, I use Google Analytics, as they are offering the best free-tier.

For more information about the creator of the website, check or follow @Schilderrob1 on Twitter. Join the community on Discord to get in touch πŸ€™